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Digital Control Systems

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Temperature Controllers




Model 90 PID Temperature Controller

The Model 90 PID Controller is designed to be our most flexible control module. The Universal Power Module allows it to work on 80 to 280VAC without modification!

Model 90 PID Control Product Brochure

Model 90 PID Control Product Manual

Model 105 Temperature Controller

The Model 105 PID Controller adapts the 100 Series PID controller core for vehicular, portable and other low voltage applications.   It accurately controls temperature from -9.9 to 99.9° Celsius using the included temperature probe.

Model 105 Temperature Controller Product Brochure


Control your world


Indoor Air Quality:
A guide for building owners and facility managers. Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems. "Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems."

IAQ for Schools:
Download a complete, practical plan to improve the air quality in schools.

Improve IAQ, While Saving Energy.
The use of CO2 sensors can save more than $1 per square foot of energy cost annually.