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Cal-kit Manual

Created for the HVAC Professional, the Airsense Calibration Kit is convenient, complete, and sturdy. Housed in a compact heavy-duty carrying-case, the Airsense Cal Kit can safely travel from one installation to another, or even between job sites in the back of your truck. Equipped with the precise gas(es) you need to accurately calibrate your monitoring instruments, the kit provides easy to use accuracy that you can be sure of in the field.  

The Airsense Calibration Kit is designed for the HVAC Professional who wants to check or to recalibrate units in the field.  The Calibration Kit contains:

  • a 17 liter cylinder of the gas you specify (2000 ppm or 5000 ppm are typical);
  • a shut-off valve and regulator for the gas cylinder;
  • a four-digit display, and;
  • all other needed accessories needed for field service (i.e. tubing, fittings, shorting blocks, etc.)

Clear and simple instructions are also included. Although designed specifically for the HVAC industry (and other DCS-engineered products) in mind, the Airsense Calibration Kit is an economical way to calibrate any CO2 sensor with a calibration gas port.  The 7-segment LED display is included for easy calibration of DCS units that do not have a built-in-display. The display is wired with a plug-in connector for easy attach-ment to the DCS monitoring instrument you wish to calibrate.

Designed for today's strict accuracy requirements, theAirsense Calibration Kit enables the HVAC Professional to have confidence in the CO2-monitoring equipment (s)he operates. Easy to use and store, the Airsense Caliibration Kit is the obvious choice when accuracy matters.

The Airsense Calibration Kit can be re-used many times, and replacement cylinders of gas are available from the factory. Please call for more information. We are here to help you succeed.






Indoor Air Quality:
A guide for building owners and facility managers. Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems. "Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems."

IAQ for Schools:
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Improve IAQ, While Saving Energy.
The use of CO2 sensors can save more than $1 per square foot of energy cost annually.