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Industry Links

Useful Resource Links for HVAC, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)



american society of heating and air-conditioning engineers

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.  A very comprehensive HVAC resource site with interesting articles and data related to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Demand Control Ventilation (DCV).

Sensors Online offers articles and industry information for HVAC, Demand Control Ventilation, and Indoor Air Quality.  A well-built resource for the HVAC Industry.

Link to article:Demand Controlled Ventillation using CO2 Sensors.

This technology alert was written by the Federal Energy Management Program and discusses the use of CO2 Monitors to regulate Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) Systems.  The article highlights the quick return on investment with DCV CO2 Monitor Systems.

Energy User News is an online journal discussing energy management for the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.  

ES examines the latest changes in the design, specification, maintenance and management of non-residential HVAC systems and components.

NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information.  This link discusses the use of CO2 monitoring in Indoor Air Quality applications.  

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News is the HVAC contractor's weekly news magazine. 

Sensors Magazine Article on NDIR Sensors

Targeting the growing market of CO2 refrigeration systems, Gas Sensing Solutions’ ExplorIR-W CO2 sensors sport a robust design. They are built with mid-infrared LED technology at their core. It's this solid-state technology that enables the earliest warning of any possible CO2 leaks. This also provides the required long lifetime and high precision needed in leak detection applications.


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is leading a national consensus for producing a new generation of buildings that deliver high performance inside and out.  Good resource for IAQ, and DCV trends and studies.

The Environment Protection Agency's web site regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Find interesting articles, statistics, and studies related to Indoor Air Quality.

State of Oregon Department of Energy Site related to HVAC, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and Demand Control Ventilation (DCV).  Find articles, links, and the latest HVAC building codes.  

Heating, Piping, and Air Conditioning Journal.  HPAC Engineering is a forum for peer-to-peer communication among engineering professionals in the buildings and construction industries.  The content relates to HVAC, IAQ, and DCV issues, trends and technology.

This Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program developed and demonstrated technologies designed to make California’s buildings healthier, more efficient, and more affordable.  This links directly to information on "Demand Control Ventilation Assessment" an the outcomes. 


"Maximum control"


Indoor Air Quality:
A guide for building owners and facility managers. Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems. "Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems."

IAQ for Schools:
Download a complete, practical plan to improve the air quality in schools.

Improve IAQ, While Saving Energy.
The use of CO2 sensors can save more than $1 per square foot of energy cost annually.