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Motor Speed Controllers

Model 210

Model 210_Manual


The compact Model 210 series three phase motor amplifier and speed controller modules are designed to directly drive 10 to 45 volt brushless DC motors at a continuous load current up to 2 amps . This series is ideal for speed control of sub-fractional HP motors in shaking, stirring, vibrating or other motion applications that require constant speed despite varying loads.

Features include:
  • Thermal-protected speed control.
  • Built in current-limiter for safe and reliable operation.
  • The drive provides power for the motor’s hall effect sensors.
  • Includes braking, reversing, and enabling inputs.

The Model 210 DC Motor Speed Controller adds a digital speed control board with LED display to the Model 210 Amplifier. Taken together, these two stackable and compact modules make the Model 210 a complete digital motor speed controller solution in a small footprint. The speed controller board mounts directly behind a panel and implements a complete user interface for displaying and adjusting motor speed. The amplifier board stacks directly behind the controller board and requires no additional mounting.

The two-board Model 210 speed control provides closed-loop regulation of the motor speed using the hall effect sensor outputs instead of expensive encoders. Motor speed is displayed (in RPMs, typically) on a 3 digit LED display, and is adjusted with ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons. The front panel display can be scaled to units appropriate for the application.

Model 210 DC Motor Speed Controllerpdf Product Brochure

 Model 210 DC Motor Speed Controllerpdf Product Manual




Model 210 Speed Control Amplifier Specifications

Motor Type

3-phase brushless DC

Supply Voltage

10-45VDC, 8-28VAC

Max. Motor Current

2A continuous, 3A peak

Sensor Separation

60  or 120°C

Sensor Drive Voltage


Control Inputs

Motor Voltage (PWM)

Control Outputs


Model 210 Controller Specifications

RPM Display and Setpoint Range

0 - 999 with user-adjustable maximum

Operator Controls

‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons


3-Digit, 0.56" (14mm) high 7-segment LED (available in several colors)


"Control it"


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