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Motor Speed Controllers

Model 220

Model 220_Manual


The Model 220 DC Motor Speed Controller is a compact, cost effective way to drive fractional horsepower, three-phase brushless DC motors directly from 110VAC line voltage.  The single, compact (5.5" x 6.1") printed circuit board assembly is designed for stand-off mounting inside equipment enclosures. The Model 220 Brushless DC Motor Speed Controller provides full motor drive functionality in an easy to use format. Control inputs and outputs are optically isolated so the Model 220 DC Motor Speed Controller can safely be connected directly to any driver.

Motor voltage is controlled with a PWM input and a tach signal output derived from the hall effect commutation sensors in the motor itself. The 220 DC Motor Speed Controller can be run at a minimum of approximately 50 RPMs and is best-suited to applications with steady loads.  The Model 220 provides this high level of speed control without the additional cost of an encoder.

Model 220 Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Product Brochure


Motor Type

Three-Phase Brushless DC with commutation sensors

Hall Sensor Separation

60 or 120 degrees

Hall Sensor Interface

Open collector

Hall Sensor Power


Mains Supply

110VAC +/- 10%, 50-60Hz

Maximum Motor Current

Up to 10A
No heat sinking is required at currents below 1.5A

Motor Voltage

12 - 170VDC

Motor Control Signal

Optically isolated PWM,
ILED = .02A max

Tachometer Signal

Optically isolated open collector, Ic 2. mA max
Nominal Pulse width = 1ms
Pulse rate = 12 pulses / shaft revolution

Mechanical Dimensions

5.5" x 6.1"
2.5" clearance required above circuit board


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