• Serious performance for demanding professionals


  • Easily integrated OEM module


  • Dual Beam accuracy without “self calibration”


  • Suitable for control and sensing applications


  • Switch-selectable output mode: 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA with easy slider switch



The Model 312 is a full featured OEM CO2 sensor designed for integration into instrumentation or appliances that measure or control ppm concentration levels. It’s dual detector measurement system maintains long term accuracy (see graph) without relying-on assumptions about the environment being measured. Unlike “self calibrating” sensors which require that sensed concentration levels periodically reach nearly outdoor ambient levels to guarantee long term accuracy the model 312 can maintain its accuracy in continuously high (or low) CO2 concentrations, making it well suited for constant CO2 agricultural and medical applications


The economical, compact and rugged Model 312 integrates easily into the modern machine environment. It requires only a quarter Watt average power from a single 7 to 15 volt DC supply and communicates digitally with its host via either i2c or SPI interface through a single robust connector. A convenient calibration port is available allowing for easy end-user calibration verification or adjustment to in-house calibration standards. A sub-micron fi lter over the diffusion port keeps dust out of the sensor.

OEM Model 312

Get more for less! The AirSense OEM Model 312 is our high value and user-friendly CO2 sensor designed for HVAC applications. Made in America All AirSense products always have been, and always will be designed and manufactured in America!

Parameter Value
Operating Principle Dual-beam Non-dispersive infrared
Gas Sampling Method Diffusion
Measurement Range 2,000 ppm or 5,000 ppm
Repeatability ± 20 ppm CO2
Measurement Accuracy ± 30 ppm ± 2% of reading
Recommended Calibration Interval 5 years
Response time Less than 1 minute
Power Requirements 18 - 30 VDC or 18 - 28 VRMS AC
Operating Temperature Range 10 - 50° Celsius
Operating Humidity Range 0 - 95% RH, non-condensing
Analog Output (linear), field-selectable with slider switch 0 – 5 Volts DC, 0 – 10 Volts DC, or 4-20 mA (RL > 500 Ohms)
Calibration Single gas: 2,000 ppm (kits available)
Dimensions 2.13 x 1.33 x 0.45 inches
Warranty 7 years on electronic components,
3 years on NDIR sensor


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