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Temperature Controllers

Model 105

PDF file Model 105_spec


Designed for manufacturers of vehicular or other low voltage DC powered equipment, the Model 105 Temperature Controller provides a cost-effective way to quickly and simply incorporate state of the art microprocessor-based control capabilities into a wide variety of products.  It precisely regulates electrically controlled thermal processes operating at temperatures between -9.9 and 99.9 degrees Celsius, typically maintaining temperature stability to well within ± 0.1 degrees of set point.

The Model 105 Temperature Controller gives you the benefits of digital technology and the industrial design freedom of a custom control without the engineering and ongoing support expenses of developing your own proprietary design.  Its rugged design, field-proven in thousands of Model 105s in use around the world, ensures durable trouble-free operation.

The clearly legible LED display module (which normally shows the process temperature) takes up less than 7 square inches, making the Model 105 Temperature Controller ideal for applications with small or crowded control panels. Application-specific graphics on an inexpensive printed overlay (optionally available from DCS) easily customize the Model 105's ergonomic user-interface to your product.

The Model 105 temperature controller is designed to survive in the real world.  It is immune to polarity reversal and  transients up to 60 volts.  Larger overloads are absorbed by heavy-duty internal transient suppressors.

Several options are available, including: a second display (showing set point); integral over-temperature protection; and timer display.

Model 105 Spec


Control and display range

-9.9 to +99.9°C


Better than 0.1°C

Maximum load current

20 Amps DC (cont.)

Power requirements

8-18VDC,  less than or equal to 25W


3-Digit, .56” (14mm), 7-segment LED (available in several colors)


Clip-mounted moisture-proof or bulkhead-mounted immersible versions available

Control and display range

± 0.1°C


"Control it"


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