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Model 300 Series

M300 Attached


M300 Remote


The first OEM IR CO2 sensor with 32 bit digital signal processing stability and accuracy

The Model 300 combines cutting edge 32 bit digital signal processing with the solid reliability and compact size that characterize Digital Control Systems' OEM products. State of the art microprocessor technology makes this full-featured CO2 sensor measurement subsystem less complex and more robust than previous generations of instrumentation. It is so reliable we back it up with an unprecedented two year warranty; twice the industry standard.

Advanced design provides a very stable, drift-free output requiring less frequent calibration. Your customer will appreciate having an incubator that saves on CO2 costs and provides tighter control over concentration levels in the chamber.

The Model 300 is designed for demanding OEM applications that require sophisticated performance in a compact format at a competitive price. It provides a stable, drift-free linearized voltage or current output that is much less susceptible to external electromagnetic interference than conventional analog electronics. With power consumption as low as 125mA (average) and a control board that occupies less than 16 square inches , this powerful measurement subsystem is easily incorporated into a broad range of products.

The sensor assembly is connected by ribbon cable to the control board for mounting convenience and can be used with diffusion or pumped sample draw systems. An optional remote calibration control and digital readout showing concentration to the nearest 0.1% are also available.


pdf.gif (218 bytes) Model 300 Manual
pdf.gif (218 bytes) Model 301 Manual
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Operating Principle

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Measurement Range

0 - 20% CO2

Maximum drift (per year)

± 3% of full scale


± 5% of reading or 0.5% of full scale, whichever is greater

Minimum Calibration Interval

One Year


0.5% of full scale reading

Gas Sampling Method

Diffusion or pumped sample draw

Response time

Less than 20 seconds

Operating temperature range

0 to 50°C

Storage Temperature

-20 to + 70°C

Power requirements

8-20VDC, 125mA average

Output (Linear)

0 - 1VDC or 4 - 20mA
(other voltage ranges available)

Warm up time

Less than 5 minutes

Optional Digital Display

4-Digit, .56" (14mm high) 7-segment LED (available in several colors)

Operating life expectancy

10 years, typical


One-point calibration procedure


Two year, parts and labor through repair or exchange



Indoor Air Quality:
A guide for building owners and facility managers. Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems. "Provides information about diagnosing indoor air quality problems."

IAQ for Schools:
Download a complete, practical plan to improve the air quality in schools.

Improve IAQ, While Saving Energy.
The use of CO2 sensors can save more than $1 per square foot of energy cost annually.